Fairway National Literary Awards 2017

The Fairway National Literary Awards 2017

The Fairway National Literary Awards were inaugurated to complement Fairway Holdings title sponsorship of Fairway Galle Literary Festival. The Fairway National Literary Awards recognise and reward novelists in all three languages: Sinhala, Tamil and English in Sri Lanka. The competition aims not only to acknowledge the efforts of outstanding established writers, but also to inspire and encourage aspiring young writers.

In its third year, a total of 106 novels were submitted for the award, 87 in Sinhala, 08 in Tamil and 11 in English. An independent panel of judges selected the winners in each language category according to the criteria developed by them. The shortlisted entries were rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 100,000/- each and the winners were rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.500,000/- each. Five Sinhala novels, four English novels and four Tamil novels were shortlisted for the award.

Handa paluwa thani tharuwa by Nissanka Wijemanna, Yakada Silpara by Wimal Udaya Hapugodaarachchi, Garuda Muhurthaya by Keerthi Welisarage and Nikini Kaluwara by Deepthi Mangala Rajapaksha were shortlisted for the Sinhala language category. Dutugemunu: Prince of Destiny by Rukmani Samaranayake, Song of the Sun God by Shankari Chandran and Wrath of Kali: The dark side of God by Mario Perera were shortlisted for the English category. In Tamil category Thazumbu by M. Balasingham, Kulaimurisal by J. Wahabdeen and Neenthik Kadantha Neruppaaru by N. Yohendranathan were shortlisted.

Pandaka Puthra Wasthuwa by Anurasiri Hettige was announced as the winner in the Sinhala language category. Amanda Jay’s novel The Other One was the winner in the English language category and Ethanam by Theniyaan was the winner in Tamil language category.

The Awards were presented at the Fairway Galle Literary Festival on 26th January 2018, where publishers of the award winning novels also received podium recognition.

FNLA 2017 – Winner Sinhala Category

Anurasiri Hettige – Pandaka Puthra Wasthuwa


FNLA 2017 – Shortlist Sinhala Category
Wimal Udaya Hapugodaarachchi – Yakada Silpara Deepthi Mangala Rajapaksha – Nikini Kaluwara Keerthi Welisarage – Garuda Muhurthaya Nissanka Wijemanna – Handa Paluwa Thani Tharuwa
Wimal-Udaya-Hapugodaarachchi---Yakada-Silpara Deepthi-Mangala-Rajapaksha---Nikini-Kaluwara Keerthi-Welisarage---Garuda-Muhurthaya Nissanka-Wijemanna---Handa-Paluwa-Thani-Tharuwa

FNLA 2017 – Winner Tamil Category

Theniyaan – Ethanam


FNLA 2017 – Shortlist Tamil Category
M. Balasingham – Thazumbu J. Wahabdeen – Kulaimurisal N. Yogendranathan – Poonakarieyilinirthu puthumathalan Varai – Neenthikanda Nerripparu
M.-Balasingham---Thazumbu J.-Wahabdeen---Kulaimurisal N.-Yogendranathan---Poonakarieyilinirthu-puthumathalan-Varai---Neenthikanda-Nerripparu

FNLA 2017 – Winner English Category

Amanda Jay – The Other One


FNLA 2017 – Shortlist English Category
Shankari Chandran – Song of the Sun God Mario Perera – Wrath of Kali Rukmani Samaranayake – Dutugemunu – Prince of Destiny
Shankari-Chandran---Song-of-the-Sun-God Mario-Perera---Wrath-of-Kali Rukmani-Samaranayake---Dutugemunu---Prince-of-Destiny

Website – http://www.fnla.lk

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