Fairway Colombo Cultural Show

Fairway Colombo Cultural Show

Authentic local culture relives

Over the centuries Sri Lanka’s brilliant, colorful and vibrant culture has drawn to our shores millions of visitors from far-off lands. These visitors have helped spread the fame of Sri Lanka far and wide, thus turning the island into a famed tourist destination.

In order to further support tourism in Sri Lanka and boost Colombo’s status as a famed tourist destination, Fairway Colombo launched the Fairway Colombo Cultural Show, which offers a truly memorable experience to all on a regular basis at no cost whatsoever.

The objective of the Cultural Show is to create more opportunities for traditional performers to showcase their skills and gain recognition for their extraordinary abilities.

The agenda of the event includes a Ves Dance, Naga Gurulu Performance, Raban Dance, Angampora, Salu Paliya and several traditional drum performances. With their athletic and graceful moves, multi-colored costumes and full-toned music, the performers capture the attention of the audience and passers-by, thus the street is filled with a very appreciative crowd made up of fascinated tourists and locals alike.

From the 30,000-year-old Angampora (a form of traditional martial art), to the Ves Natuma, which gained popularity in the 19th century, the Fairway Colombo Cultural Show features authentic Sri Lankan performances creating unforgettable memories in the minds of those who witness this unique experience.

Thanks to such events as the Fairway Colombo Cultural Show, Hospital Street is certain to become an all-time favorite spot amongst tourists and locals alike.

Date Every Monday & Thursday of the month
Time 07.00pm to 10.00pm
Events Page fairway-facebook-logo

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